How long do Gems last?

 PLEASE NOTE: Gems are temporary meaning not permanent and can fall off anywhere from the time you apply it, until you physically take it off .

Here at Gemin it, we like to give a time scale from 1-2 weeks. Picking at it or playing with it can cause it to fall off, but wait.... don’t you worry, brushing your teeth and eating shouldn’t be a problem.

How do I apply my Gem?


If you are finding it hard to apply your Gem, or find that it is not staying on for long enough, read these tips and follow along! 

 1. We would only recommend you use the kit once your tooth is clean and completely dry. With that being said, use one of our cotton rolls to clean off and dry your tooth.

Use another roll to hold up your lip, stopping any moisture touching your tooth. 

 Please note:  We do not advice you to brush your teeth with toothpaste before hand, as fluoride (the Ingredient in toothpaste) can effect the way the Gems bond to your tooth. 

 2. After drying your tooth apply the dental bonding resin in the exact spot you would like the Gem to stay, using one of the micro-brushes.

If you use to much resin you may want to wipe it off and apply again.

 3. Once you have added the correct amount of bonding resin, use the white wax pencil picker to pick up the Gem you want to apply, place it on top of the resin.

  We advice you not to push the Gem deep into the resin as it might spread and not leave enough behind the Gem.

 4. Now use the UV light and hold it up to the Gem for a minimum for 3-4 minutes. If you’re having trouble with the Gem staying on, leave the light on it for an extra minute the next time you apply one.

  Gemin It: advice you not to re-use the same Gem as it will not stick.

  Please remember these Gems are NOT permanent and it is NOT a guarantee that the Gem will stay on for long. It may take a while to get used to applying them so stay positive and persistent. It is a process and results do depend on how you have applied it.

  Enjoy your Gemin It Gems! 

  How to remove you gem:

If your Gem does not fall off within 1-2 weeks and you would like to remove it there are several ways to do so :

  1. Use some floss or a piece of string between the Gem and your tooth.
  2. Use some tweezers.

 In some cases there may be some UV bond on your tooth just gentle scratch it of with your nail and brush your teeth after.

 The science behind Gemin it & will it harm you in any way.

 In your Gemin it kit you will receive dentist approved oral UV bond. When applying this bond to your completely dried tooth and cured with your mini UV light it allows the Gem to stick to your tooth.

 This UV bond is non toxic & dental graded it will not harm you in anyway. We do suggest that you do no swallow it, as it does have a very bitter taste and is only designed to bond your Gem to your tooth.

 Age restriction

Gemin it kits have no age restriction and is for everyone. What we do suggest is anyone under the age of 12 is assessed by an adult. All children should of course ask for parental permission before applying.

 Does the procedure hurt

 Gemin it application in PAIN FREE very quick, easy and simple way to help you smile with confidences.

How long will it take to fulfill and ship my Gemin it Kit?

Due to high demand and COVID-19, fulfillment time may take longer than usual. It will take up to 3-5 business days to fulfill your order in the UK

For international please allow orders 7-10 business days.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

All Sales Are FINAL* We do not accept returns if you have not cancelled order within 24 hours of ordering.

Exchanges or refunds are NOT accepted . Please note, Here at Gemin it we reserves the right to refuse all returns.

In the unlikely event that a product arrives not as described, we will only send replacements for damaged/missing products within 14 days of receipt of the package. Customer must provide photos of the issue.

Please contact customer service at: helpgeminit@gmail.com

Can I change my shipping address?

We allow address changes before a product has been shipped. When checking out, make sure yo your address is correct! We are not responsible for any shipping deliveries for a change of address after a product is ships or an incorrect addresses.

To all international costumer (outside UK ) Do you have to pay customs and taxes?

Packages are shipped via UPS and DHL. Items shipped outside of the United Kingdom may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which are not included in the total cost of your order, neither will be covered or reimbursed by Gemin it.

We are not responsible for any shipping deliveries that may be affected by customs, natural occurrences, transfers from royal mail to the local carrier in your country or air and ground transportation strikes or delays once the package has exited the United kingdom.

Not receiving updates on my order?
When entering the final stages of your order process please insure you email address is correct so we can provide you with status updates on your order.

Are you waiting for a response from our customer service team?

We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours. Please note that this time frame may be extended during holidays and weekends.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered?
Contact us at: helpgeminit@gmail.com